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At Shashwat, we believe that true power of solar energy lies in the freedom to harness it anywhere and anytime. With an ever growing demand of energy and the unavailability of reliable power in many parts of the country, distributed solar power generation, not only enables clean energy independence & sustainability; but it is a launching pad towards a fossil fuel free future.

Shashwat expanded from a successful LED business in 2009 and now delivers smarter, cleaner and affordable energy alternatives to various sectors. We offer customised end to end solutions for solar PV rooftop and ground mount systems, solar water pumps and LED lighting to the residential, commercial as well as the industrial sector.

With a solution focused approach, we ensure that our extended line of products cater to all your solar power requirements and you get the best returns on every rupee invested. Our aim is to constantly improve technological efficiency through regular evaluation and bring innovative products to the market.

By choosing clean energy, you are contributing to a sustainable future and Shashwat Cleantech is your trusted partner to help you achieve that goal.


A planet that uses energy and water from the most
efficient sources.


To be a leading player in the sector of distributed energy and expand with the same focus to other clean technologies in energy and water use