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Reduce Food Waste, Increase Farmer’s Income

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Shashwat has been offering diverse solar powered solutions to the commercial, industrial and the residential sector. We now bring to you, Infinity Solar Cold Chains, an innovative eco-friendly cold storage unit. The agriculture sector faces a grim challenge of post-harvest losses of around 30-40% every year due to improper infrastructure, a lack of cold storage options, high ambient temperatures in India. This grounds for losses not just to the food industry but also to the farmer’s income.

The Infinity Solar Cold Chain by Shashwat, is a fully automated, low maintenance cold storage unit which can be switched on/off through your mobile phone. It is available in the range of 2, 5 and 10 MT and uses solar power along with vapor proof LED lights to save electricity and provide optimum cooling for your cold storage needs. The Infinity Cold Chain can be used by farmers for storing their fruits and vegetables well or pharmacies to store critical medicines.

Shashwat focuses on better performance, high operational and financial satisfaction to the customer. We offer a full turn-key and practical solutions for your solar cold storage needs to ensure a positive impact on the customer’s profits.

Features: Perfect for

Reduced electricity demand: Standalone solar power


No running cost on solar supply


No battery requirements: 24 hour backup

Easy portability

Low maintenance cost

Multipurpose; Can be used for vegetables, fruits, and medicines

Reduced food losses by 80%